TB12 Breaching Round

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TB12 is a mission-specific shotgun ballistic breaching round used to defeat a variety of urban structures to include exterior and interior doors. TB12 provides a dramatic reduction in collateral damage to non- combatants as well as operators through the use of a frangible material that delivers maximum energy to the breach point yet turns to a near harmless powder upon impact. TB12 is a cost-effective training and operational breaching round allowing operators to "train as they fight." The frangible property of TB12 delivers near-threat lethality in addition to being a superb breaching round, ensuring that the breacher remains operational regardless of the weapon system being used.

Configuation RAMAC No. Index IDI No. Gauge Slug Weight Shell Length (In.)
20811 TB12-BK 1800 27 Pel. 2 3/4