The military-chosen MG-SD is a single-unit solution for reducing the sound, flash and dust signature of belt-fed 7.62 and 5.56 light machine guns. It's engineered from the ground-up to handle the unrelenting heat and abrasive blasting from sustained firing, while helping to save lives and preserve hearing in combat.

  • Features a rugged monolithic core of heat-treated Inconel 718
  • Core is fully circumferentially welded to the Inconel outer tube and 316 stainless steel "fast-attach" mount
  • Couples to a Blackout flash hider using AAC's rock-solid, evolutionary, 90 Tooth Ratchet Taper Mount.
  • NSN: 1005-01-599-7029.

*FN M249, M855 | **FN M240B, M80

Caliber5.56mm 7.62 NATO
Barrel Material316L SS Iconel 625 & 718
Weight31 oz
Length7.6" (5.9" added)
Reduction25dB** 26dB*
Sound Pressure Level138dB