The M4-2000 is the industry standard fast-attach silencer for 5.56mm NATO hosts. Through a rigorous program of continuous improvement, the M4-2000 has consistently benefitted from improvements and innovations that have resulted in a smaller, lighter, and more efficient silencer.

  • 51T Ratchet Mount enables users to install or remove the M4-2000 in seconds, using an intuitive motion and gross motor skills
  • Extreme durability makes full-time suppressed use a reality on barrels as short as 10”
  • The gold standard in 5.56mm NATO sound suppression, and best overall balance of performance and durability

*14.5” Colt M4, M193

Caliber5.56 NATO
Barrel MaterialIconel 718 316L SS
Weight18.2 oz
Length6.7" (5.0" added)
Sound Pressure Level133dB*