The SR-7 is an evolutionary fast-attach silencer optimized for 7.62mm hosts. It features an all-Inconel baffle system to withstand extreme heat and pressure while its reengineered blast baffle offers the maximum in sound reduction and erosion resistance.

  • Using a variant of the AAC 90 Tooth Ratchet-Taper fast-attach system, users can securely install or remove the SR-7 in seconds
  • Rock-solid 90T Ratchet-Taper mounting system provides stability and unrelenting accuracy
  • Exclusive to the SR series of silencers, our innovative 90T Tapered Mount system provides users with the ultimate balance of ease of use and effectiveness, delivering ultra-reliable lock-up with superb alignment

*14.5” KAC Battle Rifle, M80, 9” 300 AAC MPW, REM 220gr

Caliber7.62 X 51mm 300 AAC Blackout 6.8 SPC 5.56 X 45mm
Barrel MaterialIconel 718 316L SS
Weight19.6 oz
Length7.5" (5.9" added)
Reduction25dB** | 31dB**
Sound Pressure Level142dB* | 130dB**