How to Host a Field Class

Thank you for your interest in hosting a Remington Field Armorer's School. To help us better manage our scheduling, please fill out the application form and return it as soon as possible. Potential locations will not be considered unless this application form is on file with Remington.

THE HOST AGENCY IS REQUIRED TO SOLICIT STUDENTS. Remington will aid this process by mailing the yearly schedule to their entire database of potential students, by referring potential students to the host agency and by posting class schedules to the Remington LE website.

Class size is limited to 20 students. All classes are to be conducted at the same site except in unique cases, and only with prior approval of the instructor. This course is limited to Law Enforcement, Government, or Military personnel only, unless other arrangements have been made with the instructor.

The Field classes are 1 or 2 days long and we prefer to conduct a minimum of two classes with 20 students per class. One complimentary slot is given away to the host agency, per 15 paying students per class--the 16th slot is free to the host agency.

The 870 series shotguns classes are conducted on Monday and Tuesday or Thursday and Friday. The 700 series rifle class is conducted only on Wednesday. However, we could also arrange to conduct two classes during the same week if that would better meet your scheduling needs. Due to increased interest in certain areas of the country, we have conducted three or more classes at the same location. 

Course content can include instruction for the Model 870, Model 11-87, Model 700 or Bushmaster AR15, according to the classes offered per location.

Scheduling for the field schools (and the factory schools) takes place in August for the upcoming year. While we cannot honor each request submitted, we will give it every consideration. A list of guidelines will be sent outlining classroom requirements and other details when your location is selected.

No locations or dates will be considered, unless they are mutually agreed upon between Remington and the Host Agency. Remington will provide a written confirmation on acceptance, usually in Sept. or Oct.

Facility Requirements:
Tables or benches to accommodate 20 students. Two students per 6 ft. table is the recommended minimum. (NOTE: Remington is not responsible for damage to the bench tops, therefore, the host should provide cardboard to protect them if needed.)

  • Table for the instructor's use.
  • PowerPoint projector and screen
  • Drawing board or paper easel
  • TV and VCR

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